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CEAFEL Seminar

On Tuesday, 31/03/2015, 14:00 — 15:00, in Room 6.2.38 of Faculty of Sciences of the Universidade de Lisboa will take place a seminar by
Frank Speck with title

“Operator factorization and boundary value problems”.

Boundary value problems in Mathematical Physics are often proved to be Fredholm or even well-posed, sometimes explicitly solvable by formulas in closed analytical form. Many of these conclusions can be formulated in terms of operator factorization methods (in Banach spaces as central case). We explain various principles and their realization in terms of applications. The advantages are very clear and compact formulations, e.g., of “equivalent reduction” of operators associated to boundary value problems to “more convenient operators” (like boundary pseudodifferential operators)
explicit inversion by operator factorization methods, some related conceptions such as reduction to semi-homogeneous problems, normalization and others. Several examples underline the ease and usefulness of operator factorization.
The talk is based upon joint work with E. Meister, R. Duduchava, F.S. Teixeira, L.P. Castro and A. Moura Santos.